Policies & Utilization

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  • How to Use Your Airplane for Business

    How to Use Your Airplane for Business

    This NBAA primer will introduce you to the advantages of using your airplane for business purposes and help you identify steps you can take to pursue this goal.
    View the resource.

  • Carriage of Candidates and Elected Officials

    Carriage of Candidates and Elected Officials

    The Federal Election Commission, Internal Revenue Service, and Federal Aviation Administration all regulate candidate and elected official travel. This section provides updated information for Members interested in providing transportation to a candidate or elected official. Learn More.

  • Non-Business Use of Employer-Provided Aircraft

    Non-Business Use of Employer-Provided Aircraft

    Businesses must be familiar with rules relating to non-business use of employer-provided aircraft, including Federal Aviation Administration, Internal Revenue Service and Securities and Exchange Commission. This section provides members with the latest regulatory information and best practices to manage the non-business use of employer-provided aircraft.


News & Resources

The View from the Corner Office, Best Practices in Business Aviation Policies & Procedures
May 3, 2009
This article, by James E. Lara of Gray Stone Advisors, addresses how the “C-Suite” expects business aviation leaders to optimize the contribution of flight department to enterprise performance and the enhanceme shareholder value. Review the article (PDF, 120 KB).
Explaining Why Your Company Relies on Business Aviation: Questions and Answers
April 6, 2009
Business aviation is often misunderstood by the media, shareholders, elected officials and others. This document, assembled by NBAA's Corporate Aviation Management Committee, helps confront misperceptions by providing the most common questions about a company's use of business aviation, and offering some helpful answers. Review the Q&A.
Applying for Relief from FAA Regulations
January 5, 2009
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides three methods for obtaining relief from provisions of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) 14 CFR Parts 1-199: exemption, waiver and deviation. This article by Aaron Goerlich and Jason Maddux, of Garofalo Goerlich Hainbach PC, describes application process for each option. Review the article.