Aircraft Transactions Checklist

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Acquiring an aircraft, whether through a purchase or a lease, is a process that requires attention to detail to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations and to optimize state and federal tax planning. This resource serves as:

  1. A means to organize an aircraft transaction process.
  2. A launching pad to numerous NBAA Member resources related to the subject matter referenced in the outline. (Note: While not every item in the outline contains a resource link, many of the links direct NBAA Members to a comprehensive website resource that covers the issue in depth).

Many similar considerations are applicable in the sale of an aircraft.

The information on the following pages identifies many considerations to be taken into account when buying or selling an aircraft. Not all items may be relevant in a particular transaction. Links are provided to currently available NBAA Member resources applicable to the corresponding topic. The symbol “*” indicates issues relevant to sellers.

This resource was prepared by the volunteer Members of the Aircraft Transactions Working Group of NBAA’s Tax Committee.  It is by no means exhaustive, intended to be construed as legal, contractual, risk management, or tax advice or intended to rank the importance of any particular issue to any particular buyer or seller. Planning for the purchase or sale of an aircraft is often complicated.  NBAA Members are urged to consult with experienced advisors to assist with any contemplated transaction.

Table of Contents

Purchase/Sale Process

Personnel with Aviation Experience

FAA/DOT Regulatory

Tax Issues

Insurance/Risk Management


Crew/Maintenance Personnel

Public Companies