Super Bowl XLVIII

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Updated Jan. 30, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII will take place on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. Game time will be at 6:30 p.m. EST.

Note that there will NOT be an FAA air traffic slot-based Special Traffic Management Program (E-STMP) implemented for Super Bowl XLVIII, however, operators will need to obtain a parking reservation PPR and/or airport reservation through their FBO of choice and/or the airport office prior to operating into the region.

The New York/New Jersey Super Bowl XLVIII Host Committee web page has useful and detailed information regarding Super Bowl XLVIII at

ATCSCC Advisory

The FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC) has issued an advisory for the region. This advisory will be reissued daily through Monday, Feb. 3.


The New York / New Jersey area is expecting significant air traffic demand related to Super Bowl activities from January 29th through February 3rd. Arrival traffic is being managed by means of parking reservations and prior arrangements between aircraft operators and airport managers in concert with FBO's. Structured arrival times determined by FBO's are planned to ensure that proper ground handling, parking, and passenger services are available for those operators who pre-plan their activity with FBOs. As airports in close proximity to Met Life Stadium are expected to quickly reach surface capacity limits, aircraft operators should communicate as soon as possible with the FBO and airport management at their planned destination. Operators who fail to pre-plan could be subject to long ground handling, parking, and passenger services delays once on the ground.

Significant departure demand is expected immediately following the game and through at least Monday evening; this is in addition to normally high volume of Monday commercial and general aviation traffic to and from NY/NJ area airports. Specific departure capacity capabilities are being communicated to each airport and should be managed by airport managers and FBO's to ensure delays can be managed and departure time expectations can be met. Aircraft operators are encouraged to discuss departure times, planning, and expectations with FBO's and airport operators.

For current advisories, visit the FAA ATCSCC Advisory Database.


FDC NOTAMs 4/4761(ZNY), 4/4756(ZNY) and 4/4757(ZBW) have been issued for the New York, NY area for Feb. 2, 2014.  

FDC NOTAM 4/4761 details:

A 1 nautical mile TFR ring centered on TEB206002.2 prohibits GA operations at no airports from 1200 local (1700z) until 1659 local (2159z) on February 2, 2014.  *** Due to its proximity, some approaches and departures at Teterboro (TEB) may not be available during this TFR ***

FDC NOTAMs 4/4756(ZNY) and 4/4757(ZBW) details:

An 8 nautical mile TFR ring centered on TEB188001.6 prohibits GA operations at Teterboro (TEB), the West 30th Street Heliport (JRA), the Downtown Manhattan/Wall Street Heliport (JRB) and the East 34th Street Heliport (6N5) from 1700 local (2200z) until 2359 local (0459z/03) on February 2, 2014.  *** Due to its proximity, some approaches and departures at La Guardia (LGA) may not be available during this TFR *** 

Please note that a 3 nautical mile cut-out for Newark Airport (EWR) will allow traffic to arrive and depart from the southwest during the 8nm TFR.  However, due to its proximity to the 8nm TFR, certain operations at EWR may not be available during the TFR times.

A 30 nautical mile TFR ring centered on TEB188001.6 has additional restrictions between the 8 nautical mile and 30 nautical mile areas from 1700 local (2200z) until 2359 local (0459z/03) on February 2, 2014.    

Route Information

Numerous reroutes have been issued in anticipation of the extra air traffic volume during Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. The following is a list describes those routes, indicated when they are expected to be used.  These routes are currently marked FYI in order for users to familiarize themselves with the routes. They will be changed to REQ (required) if they are needed to manage the traffic. These routes can all be found on the FAA's Current Reroutes page.

Arrival routes through Sunday afternoon:

  • WIND_ROUTE_OPTION_TEB - This is the only arrival route anticipated at this time. It will apply to traffic from the west arriving through Cleveland (ZOB) and Indianapolis (ZID) Centers.

Departure routes possibly being used as early as Thursday, but will only be required if we see excessive departure volume leading up to the event. Many of these routes include specific departure routes out of New York Center after which operators are invited to file the user preferred trajectory. Please review the actual advisory carefully for details:

  • TEB_MMU_CDW_2_FLA - Flights from TEB, MMU, CDW to any airport in Florida.
  • HPN_2_FLA - Flights from HPN to any airport in Florida.
  • SERMN_NORTH_PARITIAL - A low level ( 8000 feet for props, 9000 for turboprops and 10000 for jets) route for traffic to ROC, BUF, CYYZ or SYR out of the NY Metro area.  Altitudes capped until in contact with Cleveland (ZOB) Center.
  • SERMN_SOUTH_2_DCMETROS - Another low level route for turbojets only from TEB, CDW, MMU to IAD, DCA or BWI, restricted to 6000 feet for the entire flight.
  • LGA_JFK_EWR_WEST - Westbound departures from the main NY Metros.
  • EWRSATS_WEST - Westbound departures from TEB, HPN, CDW, MMU.
  • TEB_MMU_CDW_2_ZDC - Departures going into Washington (ZDC) Center, but NOT to IAD, DCA or BWI.

This final departure route will be required for traffic departing after the Super Bowl, beginning at 0200z and running through 1100z Monday morning.  This will be the only set of required reroutes used at that time:

  • SB_2014_MIDNIGHT - This route will apply to all general aviation flights departing HPN, TEB, EWR, LGA or JFK as well as all the satellite airports in the NY Metro area after the Super Bowl has ended.

Airport Information

The majority of the Airports in the New York City metropolitan area will require parking and/or airport reservations during the days leading up the game and the days immediately following the game. In addition, it is expected that higher than normal handling/parking fees will be in place at airports. The NBAA will add airport specific information as it becomes available.

Teterboro (TEB)

Reservations will be required for all landings and departures from Jan. 29 at 6 a.m. to Feb. 4 at 6 a.m., including "drop and go" flights and VFR helicopter operations. Reservations must be made with one of the airport's five FBOs, which will assign a prior permission required (PPR) number that must be included in flight plan. International arrivals will need a PPR and a reservation for customs clearance from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). There are also special procedures for departures following the event. Teterboro also has a noise abatement program that includes a voluntary restriction on operations from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. With the exception of departures on Feb. 2, airport authorities request operators respect the noise abatement program when scheduling their flights.

Teterboro Super Bowl XLVIII Operations Plan (1.2 MB, PDF)

Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU)

All aircraft intending to access MMU from Tuesday, Jan. 28, through noon on Monday, Feb. 3, must have a reservation with MMU (see link below for registration form). In addition to having a reservation with MMU, all transient operators wishing to access MMU during these dates must also have a reservation with their preferred fixed base operator (FBO) or have made appropriate arrangements with a private corporate facility. Please contact your preferred FBO or private corporate facility to discuss your service needs prior to your arrival.

MMU Super Bowl Reservation Form

MMU Super Bowl XLVIII Information

MMU Departure Information - Sunday and Monday

White Plains/Westchester County (HPN)

Specific operational plans are in effect at HPN through Monday, February 3. Details can be found in the following HPN Super Bowl XLVIII Operational Plan presentation. Operators are strongly encouraged to contact their FBO of choice prior to operation to insure parking availability.

Review the HPN Super Bowl XLVIII Operational Plan (1.8MB, PDF)

Essex County Airport / Caldwell (CDW)

Reservations will be required for all arrivals from Jan. 29 to Feb. 3. Reservations are being managed by the FBO, Air Bound Aviation. Air Bound Aviation will also coordinate departure reservations after the game and Monday through a departure management program. This program will assign aircraft a specific hour of departure.

Las Vegas Area Airports (HND/LAS/VGT)

Las Vegas TRACON and Los Angeles ARTCC have published traffic management initiatives for air traffic utilizing Las Vegas area airports after the Super Bowl. FAA has published a System Impact Report that specifies departure procedures for operators to follow for McCarran, Henderson and North Vegas airports.

Review the FAA System Impact Report from Las Vegas TRACON (PDF)

In addition, the following general recommendations for departing all three Las Vegas area airport (LAS/HND/VGT) will apply to minimize departure delays:

  • On Monday, Feb. 3, plan to depart before 0900L and after 1500L.
  • IFR departures from HND/VGT:
    • Depart during times where it is not busy at LAS and to avoid getting an IFR departure delay as HND/VGT traffic must be merged into the LAS departure flows.
    • Request the HND/VGT tower coordinate with L30 to pre-coordinate an IFR pickup. If unable, consider departing VFR and getting an IFR clearance with Los Angeles ARTCC.

Finally, VGT IFR arriving may encounter delays due to LAS departure traffic when LAS is on a north flow (RWY 1/25 operation). Pilots should consider cancelling IFR when they are closer to VGT and proceed to the airport VFR.