Travel$ense Sample Reports

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Travel$ense has a total of twelve types of reports in three categories. Download PDF versions of sample reports from the category pages below: 

  • Individual Trip Reports

    • Trip Report
    • Short Trip Report
    • Detailed Trip Report
    • Personal Trip Report
    • Meetings Schedule Report
    • Airline Flights Report
  • Summary Reports

    • Summary Report
    • Personal Summary Report
    • Business Aircraft Performance Report
  • Miscellaneous Reports

    • Defaults Report
    • Trip Database Statistics Report
    • Passenger Database Report
    • Billing Codes Database Report
    • Trip Mission Database Report
    • Time Valuation Methods Report
    • Employee Levels Database Report
    • Aircraft Database Report

Other reports not available for download:

  • The Airlines Database Report lists all available airlines in the Travel$ense database. (Shipping database has 936.)
  • The Airports Database Report lists all airport in the Travel$ense database. (Shipping database has 7,611.)