In the first hours following the Haiti earthquake a number of non-profit relief organizations and NGOs within the business aviation community went to work to determine needs, and to begin coordinating people and companies from across the industry to match up resources to help those in need. The following are just a few of the organizations involved in the effort.

American Red Cross

Aircraft operators wanting to offer aircraft in support of relief efforts should download, complete and submit the Aviation Provider Letter of Agreement (LOA). The Red Cross will coordinate directly with you.

Aviation Provider LOA (24KB, Word)

Email the completed form to the Red Cross at and then mail a signed, hard copy to:

Shannon Cooper
American Red Cross
431 18th St NW
2nd Floor (Development)
Washington, DC 20006

Additional Information from the Red Cross:

Haiti Earthquake Donor Bulletin – January 21, 2010 (105 KB, PDF)

Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies (CARE)

Marianne Stevenson
CARE President
Tel: (951) 491-9827

The CARE network was formed in coordination between NBAA Members and the Association in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now a full-fledged non-profit network of aviation specialists who assist as first responders to catastrophic events, CARE volunteers help to place non-profits and NGOs in need of air transportation services with companies and groups with aircraft and flight crews available to fly on behalf of response efforts. Marianne Stevenson of NBAA Member Company Strategy Aero, an aviation services company based in Sacramento, CA, and Robin Eissler with NBAA Member JetQuest, an aircraft broker based in Stuart, FL, quickly swung into action to help victims of the Haiti earthquake. By the end of the week following the earthquake, CARE coordinators had managed more than 15 flight missions into the stricken island nation.

Air Serv International

Ron Greenwood
Director of Aviation
Tel: (540) 248-2323, ext. 153
Cell: (540) 630-1018

Air Serv International is an NBAA Member and an internationally recognized non-profit that works with the world’s major relief organizations to provide and coordinate the donation of vital air transportation services (along with operating its own fleet of 12 aircraft, primarily based outside the United States) for humanitarian and disaster relief around the world. The organization launched a light twin-engine aircraft and crew to Haiti on January 17 in support of World Vision International’s relief operations to the quake-stricken island nation. “We can coordinate the donation of just about anything – from general aviation airplanes to cargo aircraft,” said Ron Gatewood, director of aviation at Air Serv International, who is handling Haitian relief efforts.

Air Care Alliance

Tel: (888) 260-9707

This NBAA Member Company and non-profit serves as the “voice of public benefit flying.” The organization does not provide relief coordination directly, but has worked with NBAA to help coordinate volunteer efforts among the nation’s network of humanitarian flight organizations.

Grace Flight of America

Ken Rusnak
Executive Director
Tel: (772) 462-2395
Toll free: (888) 500-0433

Grace Flight of America helps people in need of free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes. The organization’s work removes the transportation burden from those in need of transportation, so that the focus can remain on getting specialized medical treatment or other supplies and services as needed. Grace Flight’s missions are conducted completely free of charge, because the organization relies upon the involvement of volunteer pilots and donations from individuals, foundations, clubs and corporations.

Missionary Flights International

Richard (Dick) Snook
President and CEO
Tel: (772) 462-2395

For more than 40 years, this NBAA Member and non-profit organization has provided regular passenger service from its base in Fort Pierce, Fl, to a variety of organizations doing humanitarian, educational and philanthropic work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Samaritan’s Purse

Tel: (828) 262-1980
Web site:

A long-established non-profit organization, Samaritan»s Purse is led by the Rev. Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which works with impoverished people and in areas impacted by natural disasters and strife around the world.