Jan. 22, 2016

The FAA’s annual General Aviation and Part 135 Activity Survey, which will collect data on GA operations in 2015, has begun, and once again NBAA is encouraging members that have been invited to participate in the confidential poll to do so in order to provide the agency with a clear picture of business aviation activity.

For the FAA, the annual GA survey is a primary source of information on the general aviation fleet, including the ways GA aircraft are utilized and the estimated total number of hours flown. Information received via the survey helps determine funding for infrastructure projects and service needs, as well as assessing the impact of regulatory changes. The survey also is used to calculate the general aviation aircraft accident rate.

“By participating in the GA survey, NBAA members can help the FAA collect as much information about the business aviation community as possible, so that the agency can make informed decisions that reflect our priorities,” said NBAA Chief Operating Officer Steve Brown, a pilot and former high-ranking FAA official. “We strongly encourage any business aircraft operator that was invited to take part in the survey to participate in order to help ensure that FAA officials understand the nature and needs of our community.”

Operators may complete the survey online, and the link for doing so is on a postcard sent to invited owners and operators. The FAA asks all invited operators to respond, even if they did not fly their aircraft during 2015, they sold it during the last year or the aircraft was damaged.

The information is being collected by an independent research firm, which will only use the data for statistical purposes. Responses will not be published or released in any form that would reveal an individual participant.

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