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How do I submit Flying Safety Awards applications?

During the award application period, NBAA members may use the secure, online applications.

Any NBAA member company employees submitting applications must have those applications verfied by the company’s member representative or designated company officer. Member representatives or designated alternates also have the ability to submit and verify applications on behalf of their flight department personnel.

An NBAA member website password is required to use the online applications. If you have forgotten your website password, visit the password reset form. If you not not have a website password, apply for a password now.

When do I submit Flying Safety Awards applications?

Award data for calendar year 2020 should be submitted anytime during the 2021 application period, i.e., Jan. 1, 2021 to March 5, 2021.

What is the Flying Safety Awards application deadline?

The application period for the 2021 Flying Safety Awards runs from Jan. 2, 2021, through March 5, 2021. Regardless of submission method, all applications must be completed, verified and submitted to NBAA no later than March 5, 2020.

What do Flying Safety Award recipients receive?

Flying Safety Award recipients will receive certificates and gold tackettes (pins) based on the award type and level. For full details on the award levels, review the Flying Safety Awards Rules.

What is the process for the NBAA member representative authorizing online applications submitted by his or her company’s employees through the website?

When an employee submits a secure online Flying Safety Award application via the NBAA website, the NBAA member representative will receive an email requesting that he or she verify the accuracy of the application. The application will be held, pending approval by the NBAA member representative, and will not be eligible to receive a Flying Safety Award unless the NBAA member representative provides this authorization.

Can the NBAA member representative authorize his or her own application?

Yes, the member representative can authorize his or her own application. The integrity of the member representative is a key part of the entire program.

Can commuter flight time for a Part 135 operation be counted toward the Commercial Business Flying Award or the Pilot Safety Award?

No, only non-scheduled revenue-producing flights will be considered.

If members operate under both Part 91 and Part 135, can they apply for both the Corporate Business Flying and Commercial Business Flying awards?

Yes, members may apply for both the Corporate Business Flying and Commercial Business Flying awards.

Can previous flight hours from a non-member company be applied toward an award?

Yes, as long as the flight hours are in accordance with Corporate Business Flying or Commercial Business Flying rules as outlined in the Flying Safety Awards Rules.

Can the chief pilot, who also is the aviation department manager, apply for a Support Service Award as well as a Pilot Award?

Yes, but only one award application may be submitted per year.

Can a contract pilot, technician or flight attendant apply for an NBAA Flying Safety Award?

No, applicants must be employees of the NBAA member company. If the contract flight attendant holds a membership in NBAA, he or she is eligible to apply for the Support Services Award.

What does the retirement award certificate say?

The certificate reads “Upon your retirement” and lists hours of flying or total years of service.

Can a pilot who will receive a 12,000 pin this year receive a pin and certificate for 10,000 hours to cover previous years?

No, safety award pins and certificates cannot be given retroactively.

When there are company mergers, how should hours/years be counted?

Total up the hours from both companies as a cumulative total. The number of years would be taken from the flight department that has been in operation the longest without a disqualifying accident. If there were an accident in either company, only the years from the date of the accident to the present would be counted.

Does simulator time count?

Yes, as long as it is in support of the company.

Can we count the charter time that we purchase for company use?

No. Charter time may not be included in the applications.

Do partial years count toward the Avionics/Maintenance Technician and Support Services awards?

Yes, if you have at least six months of service within a year, round up to the next year.