Established in 2015, the NBAA Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award recognizes individual aviation professionals (pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants, dispatchers or other aviation professionals) who have demonstrated their outstanding professionalism and leadership in support of aviation safety in the business aviation industry.

Call for Nominations

NBAA is now accepting nominations for the 2023 NBAA Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award. Please review all instructions and requirements listed below. Nominations must be submitted via the online form no later than Thursday, June 15, 2023. Winners will be notified late summer.

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Nomination Requirements

Nominees will have demonstrated a continuous history of extraordinary participation in, or support of, professionalism in business aviation. They will have exhibited leadership qualities, outstanding achievements and significant contributions in the following categories of professionalism*:

  • Vocational Excellence
  • Professional Ethics
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Professional Engagement
  • Professional Image
  • Selflessness

* Professional competencies as described in The Integrated Model of Professionalism by Dr. Tony Kern.

A nominee must be:

  1. Nominated by an individual within the business aviation community.
  2. Employed in business aviation.
  3. Credited with demonstrating activities in support of aviation professionalism and safety as listed in all six categories above.

Current members of the NBAA Safety Committee are not eligible to receive this award.

What Should a Nomination Package Include?

All nominations submitted to NBAA should include the following materials:

  1. A completed nomination form from the nominator.
  2. One letter of recommendation from a business aviation professional other than the nominator supporting the nomination.
  3. The nominee’s professional resume describing the nominee’s education, employment, accomplishments and honors as they relate to the award criteria.

When Should Nominations Be Made to NBAA?

NBAA uses an online form to receive nominations for the NBAA Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award. June 15 is the deadline for submitting nominations each year.

Tony Kern Professionalism in Aviation Award Winners





  • Keith (Fred) Anderson
  • Christopher Ayers
  • Christopher Bodine
  • Randall Brooks
  • Reid Columbia
  • Nitish (Nat) Iyengar
  • James Kazin
  • Kyle Kerekffy
  • Bradley Lindow
  • Ryan Retelle
  • Marilena Sharpell
  • Steven Thorpe
  • Lance Tōland
  • Mark Ward
  • Edward White


  • Christopher Algee
  • Dan Boedigheimer
  • Daniel Goldman
  • Marty Grier
  • Richard Keltner
  • George Kleros
  • Clarke McNeace
  • Adam Parnes
  • Anna Romer
  • David Small
  • Robert Snyder


  • Robert Agostino
  • James Albright
  • Richard Boll
  • Russell Bryan
  • Steve Charbonneau
  • Gerald Ferriss
  • Jason Herman
  • Fred Karnik
  • David Keys
  • Yann Lemasson
  • William McNease
  • Rodrigo Mulchi
  • Donald Paddock
  • Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury
  • Sarah Rovner
  • Gregory Scott
  • Jim Weaver
  • Scott White


  • Michael L. Baker, Pentastar Aviation, LLC
  • Kevin T. Bostwick, West Star Aviation
  • James Lee Bradshaw, Cox Enterprises
  • Jon Brokamp, Duke Energy
  • David Scott Crosby, The University of Texas System
  • Steven J. Feldman, Boeing Executive Flight Operations
  • Amanda Marie Ferraro, American Family Insurance
  • Michael Higgins, Bechtel Corp.
  • Bernie Jager, Epps Aviation Inc.
  • Jason Karadimas, Bombardier
  • Steve King Cox Enterprises, Inc.
  • Rick Miller, Merck
  • Michael Ott, Phoenix Air Group, Inc.
  • Jeffrey Wade Perkins, The University of Texas System
  • Frank Raymond, Vulcan Inc.
  • Janet Schiebelhut, Bombardier
  • Marc Alfred Sehrt, TC Equipment
  • William Ashley Smith Jr., Jet Logistics Inc.
  • Richard Wenzel, Duke Energy