June 3, 2022

NBAA recently presented Greg Kulis, an inaugural member of the NBAA Security Council, with its Silk Scarf Award in recognition of his dedication and contributions to the business aviation industry.

Kulis, who is retiring from his position as lead captain/security coordinator at L Brands, has been recognized by NBAA as a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) and Accredited Safety Manager. Before working with L Brands, Kulis often shared his experiences with NBAA about his career in law enforcement as an embedded undercover agent fighting organized crime

In a video tribute, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen thanked Kulis for contributions to the industry. “Through the years, Greg has been a leader in security in international operations. He’s a CAM, and he has been a focal point of NBAA’s efforts to promote international operations,” Bolen said.

“Greg, today you are being inducted into the order of the Silk Scarf. It’s hard to imagine anyone more worthy,” Bolen added. “We have enjoyed working with you, we have loved your leadership. It has made a profound difference for business aviation.”

Doug Carr, NBAA senior vice president, safety, security, sustainability and international affairs, noted that Kulis was one of the first members of the NBAA Security Council, which was formed following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and he chaired the council twice.

“We’ve had a remarkable two decades working together, and it’s been a real pleasure to see how much NBAA and business aviation have been influenced by your work in this industry,” Carr said in a separate video tribute.

“In addition to all of your security work, you were instrumental in helping us to introduce preclearance for business aviation in Shannon, Ireland, which today remains a vital access tool for operators coming to the United States, especially when their clearance port is closed or is unable to support after-hours operations,” Carr added. “It really is a tribute to your decades of expertise, leadership, commitment and devotion to this industry,” Carr said of Kulis receiving the award.

Kulis has been helpful in providing advice to NBAA members when it comes to overseas travel. In a 2019 NBAA Flight Plan podcast, for example, he discussed the need to put together separate planning when returning from an international destination.

“One of the things that we always do is hold a pre-trip briefing with all of those involved,” he said. “Everybody has a role in that pre-trip planning.”