As a subset of general aviation (GA), business aviation is commonly defined as the use of GA aircraft for business purposes. Business aviation is an important and valuable industry that is an integral and vital part of the world’s transportation system. NBAA’s mission is to foster an environment that allows business aviation to thrive in the United States and around the world.

Business Aviation Is

A vital, essential and growing industry in the U.S. and internationally that:

  • Contributes $150 billion to U.S. economic output and employs more than 1.2 million people
  • Provides a lifeline to communities with little or no commercial airline service
  • Helps thousands of businesses of all sizes to be more productive and efficient
  • Provides emergency and humanitarian services to people in need
  • Regularly contributes life-saving services to our communities, through volunteer organizations like Angel Flight and Air Care Alliance

Business aviation reaches over 5,000 public-use airports in the U.S., providing communities large and small with fast, flexible, safe, secure and cost-effective access to destinations across the country and around the world.

Companies Use Business Aviation To

  • Access communities with little or no airline service
  • Reach multiple destinations quickly and efficiently
  • Support the travel needs of many types of company employees
  • Move vital equipment
  • Ensure flexibility
  • Increase employee productivity and providing security
  • Provide a return to shareholders
  • Create predictable schedules

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