NBAA has positioned full-time employees to work in partnership with the FAA’s Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC). This partnership led to the development of a subscription-based Member service which makes use of the FAA’s air traffic management tools and procedures introduced under the umbrella of Collaborative Decision Making (CDM). CDM is an evolving process that continually takes advantage of new technologies and better procedures to improve efficiency for operators in the National Airspace System (NAS). Placing staff at the ATCSCC puts NBAA in position to affect CDM products and develop services for operating members thus taking advantage of all that CDM has to offer.

Members can either be direct subscribers to NBAA Air Traffic Services (ATS) or alternatively may benefit from ATS by subscribing to various services offered by NBAA members that provide Flight Planning and Flight Support activities. This web page has been established to allow those companies that have partnered with NBAA a chance to briefly describe their services with links back to their main company web pages for more detailed offerings. It is important to note that NBAA ATS is not in competition with these providers, rather we are partnered with them to provide services to the membership at large.

For more information, contact NBAA Air Traffic Services at or 540-422-4841 or one of the Flight Planning Service Providers located on this page.

ARINCDirect Collins Aerospace, A United Technologies Company

Business aircraft operators may come straight to the source-ARINC-for data link communications, flight information, and ground assistance needs, regardless of avionics type. ARINC Direct℠ provides end-to-end flight support services, including flight planning, weather services, flight following, and data communications over VHF, HF and satellite. All flight information applications on ARINC Direct℠ are web-enabled, so Flight department personnel can send messages, perform flight planning, check weather, view live air traffic information, and perform a variety of other tasks from any standard Internet connection.

We also partner with the NBAA Air Traffic Services and the FAA Command Center to bring the benefits of the FAA’s Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) program to business aviation. Through this partnership, ARINC is able to view current and possible future air traffic initiatives that may impact your flight, and offer alternatives and advance notice. Your flights are also considered during the strategic planning sessions conducted by the FAA Command Center throughout the day. Through the ATS, and our link with the CDM Systems, we have direct access to the FAA Command Center on behalf of your flight department.

ARINC Direct℠ also provides many other services including RVSM services; a wide range of aircraft services including maintenance, repair and overhaul; SKYLink high speed Internet for the cabin; and ARINC Messenger, a lower cost data link avionics solution.

+1 877 4DIRECT
+1 410 266 2266

Honeywell GoDirect Flight Support Services

Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Services offers pre-flight and in-flight pilot services for business aviation. Since 1985, GoDirect has been offering customers a single source for all flight support service needs available 24 hours a day.

GoDirect Flight Services Pre-Flight Services

  • Datalink Communications
  • Pre-arranged Fuel
  • Web Flight Planning
  • Flight Sentinel™
  • Air Traffic Services

GoDirect In-Flight Services

  • Air Traffic Services
  • Navigation Databases
  • WINN™ Graphical Weather
  • JetMapII®
  • Onelink™
  • Graphical Flight Following

GoDirect Flight Sentinel service combines flight planning, active flight monitoring and datalink communications to increase the effectiveness of the FAA’s Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) program for business aviation organizations. The Flight Sentinel staff participate in FAA Command Center briefings and employ FAA Playbook routing to help crews circumnavigate weather and air traffic delays.

Flight Sentinel Services

  • Flight Planning
  • Active Flight Monitoring
  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Custom Flight Concierge

Contact Information:

Telephone: +1 425 885 8100
US/Canada: +1 888 634 3330
Facsimile: +1 425 885 8930


Jeppesen, the leader in providing navigation and flight information for over 70 years, has been providing Flight Planning, Aviation Weather and International Trip Planning services to the Business Aviation community for over 30 years. As a Boeing company, Jeppesen is committed to providing data and services you can trust.

Flight Planning

JetPlan, the industry leader in optimized flight planning, offers the benefits of saving you money and time when planning a trip. Whether it’s using ETOPS, ERAD or CDR’s, JetPlan calculates the optimized plan for your desired routing and aircraft that you can file with ATC. Jeppesen flight planning specialists, in contact with NBAA ATS, are available 7×24 to assist customers with all your flight planning needs. JetPlan is available through a web interface ( or pc software (JetPlanner) which allows you to graphically depict your route, overlay weather and navigation information, and track a flight in progress.


Jeppesen provides worldwide aviation weather, including customized products that you can only get from Jeppesen, including a 6 hour NEXRAD radar forecast, worldwide turbulence and icing forecasts and worldwide lightning detection. Jeppesen employs a staff of professional meteorologists, available 7×24, who can also provide custom briefings for your specific route and requirements. Worldwide NOTAMs are also available as part of the Jeppesen Weather Service.

International Trip Planning

Jeppesen can arrange and follow your international trip to insure a safe and smooth trip to destinations you may not be familiar with. Services include over flight permits, landing permits, departure and landing slots, fueling, catering, hotels, ground transportation, security arrangements, flight planning and weather. Trip Planners are available 7×24 to arrange new trips or assist with ongoing trips.

Contact Information:

Western Hemisphere
+1 800 358 6468
408 961 2825
Eastern Hemisphere
+44 (0) 1293 842403

Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

In our more than 50 years in business, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. has evolved from the first company to provide corporate aviation weather briefs into a comprehensive aviation solutions provider. We offer the knowledge and experience you need to meet your goals and keep your promises. With trip support services, the UVair® Fuel Program Universal Aviation℠ worldwide ground support, and technology-driven trip tools, the Universal experience is a single resource that provides service, answers, and solutions wherever you are.

As a subscriber to NBAA ATS, Universal has timely or advance access to the status of NAS and current Traffic Management Initiatives (TMI) that affect national airspace air traffic flow. In turn, we use this information to help our clients effectively diminish or avoid delays.

Universal also uses the ATS as an advocate within the ATCSCC to provide immediate assistance to our clients in overcoming any detrimental delays.

In addition, Universal participates in CDM to stay abreast of emerging FAA air traffic management tools and procedures, and represents our clients in shaping these emerging components.

Contact Information:

North America: (800) 231-5600 ext. 3300
Worldwide: (713) 944-1622 ext. 3300
Web Site: