NBAA is working to develop reasonable and balanced policies that support the industry’s twin objectives of promoting mobility while minimizing environmental impact. At the same time, the Association’s professional staff have undertaken a variety of initiatives aimed at supporting environmental stewardship.

NBAA Events

For NBAA’s major events, all promotional materials, signs and banners are produced on eco-friendly materials. When possible, event-related communications are delivered via e-mail instead of direct mail. Badge recycle bins are available at all exits, and recycling bins for bottles and cans are placed throughout Exhibit Halls and amidst the aircraft on Static Display. Drinking glasses and water coolers or pitchers of water are available for Attendees, instead of plastic bottles. Silverware and cloth or recycled paper napkins are used rather than Styrofoam, plastic dishes and utensils. Lights, heat and air conditioning are turned off when not needed. Attendees at NBAA events are encouraged to use shuttle buses, carpool or take advantage of public transportation system rather than driving alone.

NBAA Publications

NBAA works to minimize consumption of natural resources in the production of the Association’s publications and periodicals. For example, NBAA’s newsletter, Business Aviation Insider is printed on recycled paper. The Association makes available an online version of NBAA’s popular Directory of Member Companies, Aircraft and Personnel in order to minimize printing. NBAA’s Member registration and renewable processes rely on use of Internet processing rather than printed forms sent through the mail.

NBAA Office Policies

NBAA takes a number of steps to encourage environmental stewardship among the Association’s professional staff. For instance, to help minimize transportation emissions, NBAA subsidizes public transportation for staff to the fully allowable limit, and considerations are made for telecommuting among select staff. And, the office makes use of recycling containers and recycled paper.

For more information on how NBAA is leading the business aviation community, visit NBAA’s aircraft operations environment resources.