Vision Statement

The NBAA recognizes that weather plays an essential part in the daily management of business, general and commercial aviation. As a result, the NBAA has taken an active role in working with numerous aviation and weather groups including government, academia and industry as we pursue the development and deployment of better weather capabilities to improve the safety and efficiency of the NAS. The goal of the Weather Subcommittee is to provide an opportunity for NBAA members to interact with the broader aviation weather community to discuss and collaborate with the FAA and National Weather Service on the most critical needs facing the aviation community, and beneficial ways of meeting those needs. The Weather Subcommittee will seek ways to inform and instruct the NBAA membership regarding FAA and NWS weather tools and capabilities.


  • Judith Reif, Contract Flight Attendant, JR Flight Services, Inc. (Chairperson)
  • John Kosak, Program Manager, Weather, NBAA Air Traffic Services (Staff Liaison)
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    Joining the Weather Subcommittee

    The goal is to recruit a diverse group of NBAA Members that represent all operational disciplines – from schedulers and dispatchers to pilots and cabin crewmembers – thereby providing the business aviation perspective to the greater weather community.

    • The subcommittee would like to have 10-15 core members, who would meet face-to-face approximately twice a year.
    • The subcommittee would like to have a large group of members-at-large available to give input via email.

    This is an opportunity to help shape the future of aviation weather.

    If you’re interested in joining the NBAA Weather Subcommittee, please contact at