Creating opportunities for professionals to connect, share ideas and work together to address challenges is a hallmark of trade associations. Pilots and aviation managers throughout the ranks of business aviation face complexities with a host of operational issues. NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee is the place for business aviation to come together to solve its challenges. Currently, the Domestic Operations Committee is working with NBAA staff on hot issues such as obtaining Letters of Authorization, Part 91 Operational Control, supporting operators with implementing safety management systems, updating NBAA’s Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide, and working with FAA on Part 135 and Part 125 operational issues, among others. A continuing high priority for the Domestic Operations Committee will be writing and publishing operational articles to provide ongoing educational resources for all NBAA operating Members.

NBAA is soliciting volunteers for the Domestic Operations Committee. Any NBAA member with passion to be involved is encouraged to apply via the online committee application. As issues arise in the field, the Domestic Operations Committee would like to hear about them, to address systemic problems and operational challenges. Email NBAA’s Operations Service Group at with the operational concerns you have.


  • Jason Herman, CAM, North American Development Group (Chairman)
  • Eric D. Canup, Live Oak Banking Company (Vice Chairman)
  • Brian Koester, CAM, NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) (Staff Liaison)

NBAA Members may also review the full committee roster.

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