The Domestic Operations Committee seeks to enhance operational best practices for business aviation users operating primarily in U.S. airspace by providing tools, roadmaps, and educational resources. Working with members and liaising with the FAA, the committee explores the implications of new regulations, tackles systemic problems, and provides solutions for various operational challenges faced during flight operations by the membership.

Email NBAA’s Operations Service Group at with any operational issues or concerns for the committee to review and address.

Mission Statement

Leverage our team of passionate professionals and their diverse operational experience to provide a manageable pathway to safe, consistent, predictable and cost effective flight operations.


Facilitate business aviation achieving its highest goals through professionalism and deliberate action.


  • Encouragement
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership


  • David Keys, Peace River Citrus Products (Chair)
  • Matt Simmonds. PepsiCo. (Vice Chair)
  • Noah Yarborough, NBAA (Staff Liaison)

NBAA members may also review the full committee roster.

Subcommittees, Information & Resources

Domestic Operations Committee

Small Flight Department Subcommittee

  • Small Flight Department Survey – Survey identifying resource and bandwidth intensive areas of small flight department management
  • Small Operator Symposium – Half day event held annually at NBAA-BACE focused on juggling the many responsibilities within small flight departments whilst fostering a strong safety culture
  • Small Operator Learning Series – Online courses that address and help tackle issues faced by small flight department managers, both new and experienced
  • Small Flight Department Safety Guide – Roadmap for taking steps towards improving safety and ultimately, a fully operational SMS

Part 135/91K Issues Subcommittee

  • Starting a Part 135 Operation – Guidance on the required steps to achieve Part 135 certification from scratch
  • Rest and Duty ARC – The part 135 issues subcommittee contributed to recommendations that would modernize rest and duty limitations in accordance with modern science and technologies.
  • Weight and Balance Guidance – The FAA requires operators who wish to use standardized passenger and baggage weights to conduct a survey. NBAA can help tailor the survey to the size of your operation.
  • Training Standardization Working Group – Standardized training in Part 135 operations will promote safety and administrative benefits.
  • Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide – Introduction to aircraft charter, provides tools to customize and use to pre-screen charter operators and brokers

Part 125/Corporate Shuttle Subcommittee

  • Corporate Shuttle – Operating aircraft with a payload over 6,000 pounds or a passenger seating capacity of 20 or more requires special authorization.

Airspace & Flight Technologies Subcommittee

  • In January 2023, the Flight Deck Avionics and Weather Subcommittee of the Access Committee were combined and moved under the Domestic Operations Committee.