The Flight Attendants Committee represents the interests of business aviation flight attendants in their roles as crewmembers aboard business aircraft. In assisting Member Company flight attendants, the group seeks to improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of business aircraft. This group coordinates an annual conference for flight attendants and flight technicians, and provides feedback to NBAA on issues relating to this position.


  • Julie Kozma, Jet Aviation (Co-chair)
  • Lesley Revuelto, Contract Flight Attendant (Co-chair)
  • Molly Hitch, NBAA Staff Committee Liaison

NBAA members may also review the full committee roster.

Information & Resources

Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Scholarship
The NBAA Flight Attendants Committee annually offers a wide range of monetary and training awards to help business aviation flight attendants and flight technicians pursue professional development opportunities and advance their careers.