The Technical Committee obtains and evaluates data concerning aircraft, aircraft equipment, operations and maintenance problems relative to the business aircraft owner and pilot. Based on the understanding that better equipment, better training and procedures all contribute to safer and more economical operations, the committee’s objective is to bring about improvements in aircraft, equipment and operations while maintaining flying safety at its highest level. The committee’s primary focus is to prevent problems from occurring through a free-flowing exchange of information between NBAA Members and the manufacturers. Areas of committee interest and responsibility include aircraft accidents and incidents, cost of ownership, availability and reliability of replacement parts and components, airworthiness directives and NBAA Range Formats. NBAA members can forward questions, comments, or suggestions to the committee chair or the NBAA staff liaison.

Staff Liaison

Stewart D’Leon, CAM
Tel: 202-737-4479


Summary of Recent Action

  • Organized the maintenance & operations (M&O) sessions at NBAA-BACE
  • Oversaw the activities of eight technical sbcommittees, which monitored a variety of ongoing technical issues and implementations affecting business aviation around the world
  • Provided NBAA members with news about maintenance and operations issues through NBAA publications
  • Participated on the Aging Transport System Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ATSRAC) and Harmonization Working Group 10, regarding issues for business aircraft
  • Participated on Harmonization Working Group 13, recommending enhancements to manufacturers’ inspection and maintenance programs in light of electrical wiring interconnect systems (EWIS) concepts and enhanced zonal analysis procedures
  • Provided a dedicated FAA Inspector Authorization-approved EWIS session at NBAA-BACE