Mission Statement

A new independent Owner/Technical committee is being formed for the Premier 1/1A. The committee is designed and operated in such a way as to give owners, pilots and service personnel the ability to directly communicate in person with and influence both Textron Aviation Beechcraft and the various suppliers it uses to support the Premier 1/1A. The committee is being formed under the auspices of the NBAA, however you do not need to be a member of the association to participate.

In addition, subgroups will be formed to help formulate committee determined “best practices” and standardized methods for achieving the greatest reliability, efficiencies and range.

Formal one to two day meetings will be held about every six months in Wichita, Textron Aviation Jet Ops Conferences, and at future NBAA Conventions.

In short, joining this committee is the best way to be heard concerning your issues with the Premier 1/1A while at the same time helping Textron Aviation Beechcraft and its suppliers plan for future model upgrades. If you are interested and have the time to commit to this committee, please email Stewart D’Leon at sdleon@nbaa.org with your name, contact information, position (pilot, owner, maintenance) and area of interest concerning the committee.

Information and Resources

Rockwell Collins
Visit Rockwell Collins’ site for information on onboard avionics systems.

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