The Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee provides input to NBAA on issues associated with scheduling and dispatching business aircraft, as well as other issues associated with business aviation service personnel. This committee sponsors an annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference providing an important opportunity to exchange information on common solutions to problems faced by schedulers and dispatchers. The members of this committee also identify training opportunities for scheduling and dispatching personnel working in business aviation. NBAA members can forward questions, comments or suggestions to the committee chair or NBAA staff liaison.

Mission Statement

The Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee was founded to further the professional growth and development for, and to heighten the awareness of, the contributions made by scheduling and dispatch professionals. Schedulers and dispatchers are an integral part of the corporate aviation community. Through the practice of teamwork, the committee focuses on the continuous improvement for, and professional recognition of, the scheduler and dispatcher.

Core Values

  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Making a Difference
  • Enthusiasm
  • Professional Growth and Development


  • Jennifer Dow, AB Jets (Chairwoman)
  • Andrew Stylianou, Pfizer, Inc. (Chairman)
  • Lisa Borrayo, Prime Trip Support (Vice Chairwoman)
  • Mitch Papontos, Wheels Up (Vice Chairman)
  • Tyler Austin, NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) (Staff Liaison)

NBAA members may also review the full committee roster.

Information & Resources

Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee Bylaws (PDF, 35 KB)

Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee Officer and Subcommittee Descriptions (PDF, 289 KB)

Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference – This conference is a valuable resource for assisting the operation of business aircraft and provides an important opportunity for individuals to increase their education, improve their level of professionalism and network with other aviation professionals.

Schedulers & Dispatchers Scholarships – In conjunction with many generous donors, the committee offers a wide range of both monetary and training awards each year, giving away awards of up to $10,000 per applicant.

Regional Business Aviation Groups Directory – NBAA maintains an online Regional Business Aviation Groups Directory that puts NBAA Members in touch with regional business aviation groups based nationwide, including scheduler and dispatcher groups.

Scheduler & Dispatcher Outstanding Achievement & Leadership Award – Created in 2008, this award acknowledges an individual who shares their outstanding business aviation industry expertise, provides extraordinary service, exhibits leadership and has made significant contributions to the scheduling and dispatching function.