Keep Business Flying

The history of the National Business Aviation Association is really the history of business flying. Keep Business Flying tracks the growth of aviation from its earliest product promotion and direct marketing activities through the airport and airways access challenges of the mid-1980s, providing a context for the founding and growth of NBAA from 1946 to 1986. Order now (PDF format, Members only).

Authored by the late John H. Winant, former NBAA president and Board member, the book captures through personal interviews and exhaustive research the essense of business aviation from its birth through the first 40 years of NBAA. Winant takes the reader on a flight through history replete with stories, anecdotes, photographs and personal remembrances.

This publication is available to NBAA Members in PDF format (scanned from the original hardcopy), with chapters divided into separate PDF files, as follows:

  • Opening Pages (cover art, title page, dedication, contents, preface, etc.)
  • Prelude: 1918–1945
  • Chapter 1: The Awakening, May 1946
  • Chapter 2: The Journey Begins, November 1946
  • Chapter 3: Testing the Wings, 1947–1951
  • Chapter 4: Charting the Course, 1951–1955
  • Chapter 5: Winds of Change, 1955–1962
  • Chapter 6: The Jet Age – Trial by Transition, 1963–1969
  • Chapter 7: Coming of Age, 1970–1976
  • Chapter 8: The Greening of Business Aviation, 1977–1981
  • Chapter 9: Forging the Global Link – IBAC, 1980–1981
  • Chapter 10: Days of Faith – Years of Challenge, 1982–1986
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A: Earliest Bylaws of CAOA
    • Appendix B. CAOA/NBAA Board of Directors, 1946 to 1986
    • Appendix C: CAOA/NBAA Chief Executive Officers, 1946 to 1986
    • Appendix D: Associate Member Advisors to the NBAA Board, 1964 to 1986
    • Appendix E: CAOA/NBAA Chief Staff Officers, 1946 to 1986
    • Appendix F: NBAA Annual Meeting Information
    • Appendix G: NBAA Membership Totals, 1947 to 1986
    • Appendix H: NBAA Financial Results, 1947 to 1986
    • Appendix I: NBAA Award Recipients to 1986
    • Appendix J: List of Airframe Manufacturers as of 1986
    • Appendix K: Statement of NBAA Objectives, June 1986
    • Photo of Author: John H. Winant

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Copyright ©1989 NBAA. All rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means without written permission of NBAA, except for brief passages.