Legislative issues can arise at any time, and they run the gamut from new tax and fee regimes, to efforts designed to address security, environmental or other issues. Getting to know your legislators and providing them with the facts about the economic and community benefits of business aviation is important to creating positive outcomes.

Legislative Actions to Take

Preflight: Get to Know Decision-Makers

  • Who are your local, state and federal public officials?
    • Hint: Most public official contacts are available on the Internet.
  • Research their voting records for any indication of views about general aviation
    • Hint: Voting records for state, federal elected officials are also on the Internet
  • For local or state officials, make sure you introduce yourself so the officials will know who to talk to when a GA issue arises

Engine Start: Keep Track of Potential Issues

  • Stay alert for new or proposed taxes or restrictions, particularly on the state level
    • Hint: If you catch wind of tax or restriction proposals, notify NBAA immediately
  • Daily newspapers usually report local proposals that could affect GA in your area
  • Help form a statewide ”umbrella” organization of GA interests, including pilots, aviation businesses, airport managers, and general aviation groups. A broader coalition can advocate more effectively

Taxi: When a Proposal Raises Concerns

  • Immediately notify your NBAA regional representative
  • Alert all contacts of the statewide aviation umbrella organization
  • Call a meeting of individual organization leaders to strategize, develop plan
  • Agree on cogent, fact-based arguments to use
  • If you need more facts, make arrangements to conduct the necessary studies, research
  • Raise funds to cover research, advocacy costs among coalition partners

Takeoff Run: Make Good Use of Your Legislative Connections

  • Organize a letter-writing campaign from members of the aviation organizations
  • Encourage personal visits to appropriate legislators, if feasible
  • Particularly with state legislative activity, keep in close touch with NBAA regional representative for possible NBAA Member alerts

Wheels Up: Provide Rapid Response

  • Monitor, encourage communication from affected members of the aviation community
  • Most effective responses (in descending order) are personal visits, attendance/speaking at public meetings, letters, phone calls, e-mails
  • Look for opportunities to suggest alternatives to additional regulation, restrictions
  • Don’t give up