Standing refers to your basis for submitting comments. As an operator of an aircraft, you have “standing” when the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Customs and Border Protection or any other government agency wants to change existing rules or implement new rules that directly affect your ownership or operations of that aircraft. Ask yourself, “Why do I care?” Use your answer to describe your standing.

Here are some points to consider including in your comments:

  • Are you a pilot? If so, how long have you been flying? What aircraft have you flown? Have you flown aircraft covered by the proposal?
  • Are you an aviation maintenance technician? If so, how long have you been involved in aircraft repair? Which airframes/powerplants/avionics platforms have you repaired? Have you repaired aircraft covered by the proposal?
  • Do you own or operate an aircraft? How long have you owned or operated aircraft? How many aircraft do you operate? Do you have a spotless safety record? Where do you fly these aircraft, in a general sense (domestic/international)?