July 2, 2018

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen recently accepted an invitation from U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao to serve on the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC), a key government-industry group focused on continuing the work long underway to modernize the nation’s aviation system.

In recent letter to Bolen, Chao noted that the NAC provides advice on topics such as NextGen investment priorities, capability deployment timing, equipage incentives and specific technologies, as well as deployments such as DataComm, National Airspace System performance metrics and airspace design initiatives.

The FAA is modernizing the U.S. air transportation system through NextGen, which is aimed at enhancing safety, boosting efficiency and capacity, reducing emissions and providing other benefits. On the agency’s website, the FAA says NextGen, “brings together innovative technologies, capabilities and procedures that improve how we fly from departure to arrival.”

“NBAA is honored to have been invited to serve on this committee, and we are pleased that Secretary Chao values the general aviation community’s input on NextGen,” said Bolen, adding that this latest assignment reflects the long-standing commitment by the general aviation segment for aviation system modernization. For years, NBAA has had representation on all NextGen-focused government-industry working groups.

“We want to ensure that America’s aviation system remains the world’s best for decades to come,” Bolen said. “We look forward to working with government and industry stakeholders, representing the industry’s many diverse interests, to ensure that vision remains a reality.”