March 2, 2018

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen told attendees at a March 1 Aviation Summit, sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, that building on the work already done to modernize the nation’s aviation system will be most effective if it continues to incorporate input from all industry and government stakeholders.

“We can be grateful that we’re all part of an aviation system that is fundamental to our nation’s economy, our nation’s way of life and our future,” Bolen said at the event, which also included representation from airline executives on several panel discussions. “The United States has today, the largest, safest, most efficient and the most diverse air transportation system in the word. But, we recognize that we’ve got to do more, we’ve got to do better.”

The good news, Bolen said, is that the work already being done to build a Next Generation (“NextGen”) aviation system has provided proven results: “We’ve been able to deliver on the promises of NextGen on time, and on budget, for the last several years,” said Bolen.

Bolen’s perspectives at the summit were reflected in statements he made regarding the need for an inclusive, long-term and bipartisan congressional bill to reauthorize funding and programs for the FAA, currently under debate in Congress.

“As we all know, long-term reauthorization of the FAA, and the continuing modernization of the nation’s aviation system, is a national priority, one we all share,” Bolen said earlier in the week. “Now is the time to focus our full attention on a long-term FAA bill that continues advancing the modernization efforts that are already improving our ATC system.”