Business Aviation Insider

NBAA continues to uphold its core values, like opposing privatized ATC and threats to airport access, while also finding ways to innovate and invest in the future of the industry.

By Ed Bolen, NBAA President and CEO

July 16, 2018


Ever since NBAA was founded in 1947 to advocate for organizations using airplanes to support their enterprises, the association and industry have adhered to core values, while innovating and investing in the future.

For example, when a group of businesspeople formed NBAA, their chief concern was access to airports and airspace – a concern that is every bit as pressing today. As you know, over the past year, the big airlines ramped up their long-running effort to seize control of the nation’s ATC system. But hundreds of companies and com-munities across the U.S., aware that the airlines’ business interests don’t always align with the public interest, resisted, and NBAA stood with them.

Similarly, access to individual airports remains a concern – from California’s historic Santa Monica Airport, to New York’s East Hampton Airport. These airfields are an import-ant part of the nation’s air transportation system, and NBAA has exercised every available option to ensure that business aviation has continued, unabated access to all airports. As with the ATC battle, NBAA member companies have been critical to the association’s work to preserve airport access nationwide.

Of course, while our industry has always confronted its challenges, we know that business aviation also continually seeks opportunities for innovation and investment. In that regard, NBAA is also a reflection of the industry, supporting the policies, procedures, products and technologies that enhance the safety and efficiency of business aircraft operations, while reducing its environmental impact (see the article regarding NBAA’s work on alternative fuels on page 22).

Besides investing in new products and services, business aviation is working to identify, attract and nurture its next generation of talent. NBAA has been part of this effort as well. One NBAA investment that I am particularly proud of is the Young Professionals in Business Aviation (YoPro) program, founded in 2014 by several young association employ-ees who saw an opportunity to bring industry peers together in a for-ward-thinking organization dedicated to promoting ties among young people in business aviation.

Since its inception, YoPro has hosted numerous networking events and expanded its membership to include young professionals from across the industry, with the goal of building relationships between emerging industry leaders so that they can better connect with each other while also increasing public awareness of our vibrant industry.

As NBAA’s annual convention draws near, we know that the event will not only involve discussions of the industry’s policy priorities, but also will reflect the community’s trademark innovation and investment. NBAA is honored to be part of this proud tradition.