Feb. 22, 2016

Demonstrating the continued opposition to a proposal to privatize ATC, the Louisiana Airport Managers and Associates (LAMA) recently approved a resolution opposing the replacement of congressional oversight of the nation’s ATC network in favor of a private entity, as outlined in pending legislation (H.R. 4441) to reauthorize funding for the FAA.

With more than 200 members, from throughout Louisiana’s aviation industry, LAMA works to ensure that legislation concerning aviation and airports, “is decided upon fairly and consistently,” according to the group. The resolution, issued Feb. 17, was passed directly to U.S. House of Representatives leaders engaged in the debate over the bill.

“LAMA is of the firm belief that oversight and regulation of air traffic control will be best accomplished by reauthorizing the [FAA], and more specifically, by maintaining FAA and congressional oversight,” the resolution stated. The resolution declared that the current system is much better than ” transferring control to a private board or entity which might have authority over funding mechanisms and taxes, two areas best administered by the FAA, which is a governmental body whose direct oversight by Congress best insures its efficiency and responsiveness.”

Read the LAMA resolution. (PDF)

The resolution is particularly significant as LAMA’s constituency includes representatives from the six air-carrier airports within the state, noted Steve Hadley, NBAA’s regional programs director and its Southwest region representative.

“Simply stated, ATC privatization isn’t good for anyone,” Hadley said. “The removal of congressional oversight of our nation’s ATC network, in favor of a private board dominated by airline interests, could be devastating to smaller communities relying on business aviation.”

On Feb. 8, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen issued a “Call to Action” to NBAA members and aviation stakeholders nationwide, urging them to contact their elected lawmakers and encourage them to oppose H.R. 4441. Learn more about the Call to Action.