Alaska: Steve Brown and Christa Lucas

May 15, 2017

NBAA staff have been visiting with association members and industry stakeholders across the country to discuss the importance of grassroots participation in fight against privatizing the nation’s ATC system, a move that would negatively affect business aviation.

Kristi Ivey, NBAA’s Northwest regional representative, was joined by Steve Brown, chief operating officer, and Christa Lucas, vice president of government affairs in Anchorage, AK recently to attend the 20th Great Alaska Aviation Gathering.

In Alaska, Brown and Lucas presented a session titled, “Lessons Congress Should Learn from Alaskan Aviators,” which provided attendees with an assessment of NBAA’s advocacy work in Washington DC. During the session, they said that general aviation’s fight is intensifying.

“NBAA understands the unique aviation environment that Alaska provides, and values the relationships we continue to foster with our aviation partners within the state,” Ivey said. “The Great Alaska Aviation Gathering helps strengthen the relationships NBAA has built within the aviation community there, and we are pleased that our members and aviation partners continue to demonstrate a willingness to collaborate.”

At a recent Washington State Aviation Alliance (WSAA) meeting, Vice President of Government Affairs Dick Doubrava also addressed the upcoming congressional debate on FAA reauthorization and the proposal to privatize the ATC system.

“Let’s be clear, a privatized ATC system removed from congressional oversight will ultimately be dominated by the self-interests of the airline industry,” said Doubrava. “The nation’s airspace belongs to the public and must always provide equal and fair access to all aviation stakeholders.”

Doubrava congratulated alliance members on their success in engaging and educating their state’s legislators, both at the state and federal level, on the value and importance of aviation to the state economy. He urged them to continue their advocacy efforts in promoting and protecting the future of aviation in the state.

Ed Bolen at Teterboro

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen also discussed the issue with stakeholders in New York and New Jersey, addressing the Teterboro (Airport) Users Group and the Morristown (NJ) Aviation Association. He urged attendees to continue their efforts in contacting lawmakers and urging them to vote against any ATC privatization proposals.

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