Washington aviation leaders in attendance at a major policy forum to be hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce next month will see the No Plane No Gain message in an advertisement to be included in the program given to all event participants.

Echoing themes from previous No Plane No Gain advertising, the half-page ad (included, at right) features an NBAA Member Company, and asks: “What creates jobs, helps companies succeed and serves small towns all across the country? It’s business aviation. And it’s at work for America.”

The ad is the latest in a series of No Plane No Gain ads that have been featured in print, broadcast and online outlets targeted to the policymakers and opinion leaders that are the central audience for the advocacy campaign, which is jointly sponsored by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

For example, a television ad produced shortly after the launch of No Plane No Gain in February 2009 asks: “What if one industry could generate millions of manufacturing and service jobs – right here in America? One industry – offering hope and economic opportunity to small towns that have no airline service? An industry that strengthened America’s business – enhancing productivity and competitiveness… Well, one industry already does: It’s business aviation.

That TV ad appeared on Sunday public affairs shows watched by policymakers, including national buys for ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” and “FOX News Sunday,” as well as airings on NBC’s “Face The Nation” and CBS’s “Meet The Press” in targeted media markets. A print version of the ad appeared in national newspapers, like The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, and also in periodicals targeted specifically to Capitol Hill audiences, like Roll Call, The Hill and Politico.

As No Plane No Gain supporters know, that ad series was soon followed by an equally powerful set of ads from a well-known spokesperson. Late last year, golf legend and businessman Arnold Palmer was prominently featured in a series of video and print advertisements. In one version of the ad, Palmer states plainly: “For more than 50 years, using business airplanes is the single-most productive thing I have done.”

The ads featuring Arnold Palmer have appeared in print venues, including USA Today, and on television networks, including CNN, Fox and MSNBC. They have also been included in publications including chief Executive magazine and Business Jet Traveler, to remind the publications’ audience of top company decision-makers that the use of a business airplane is the sign of a well-managed company.

Looking ahead, NBAA and GAMA will continue to promote the No Plane No Gain message in publications, broadcast outlets, online venues and at events to come. As just one example, when thousands of people gather next month for the 2010 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, an ad featuring Arnold Palmer, will be visible on the exhibit floor and in materials given to all event participants. “We all know that using business aircraft enables us to do our best,” Palmer says in the ad. “Let’s not settle for anything less than our best.” That ad is available at www.noplanenogain.org.