Dec. 13, 2013

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Launched in 2009, the No Plane No Gain campaign educates policymakers and opinion leaders on the importance of business aviation to the communities, companies and citizens across the United States. Over the years, the e-newsletter has highlighted several major initiatives undertaken by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association in the campaign.

Over the years, the report has covered both relatively small, but important campaign developments (for example, the associations’ introduction of the highly popular No Plane No Gain lapel pins, which are still available and widely in use today), as well as large-scale initiatives, like the advertising campaigns that have included placements on national television Sunday public affairs programming, Washington, DC-area cable outlets, and a wide variety of print media (including newspapers read by Capitol Hill staff and newspapers with national readerships).

More recently, the newsletter featured the No Plane No Gain campaign’s “Top Ten” program, which offers first-hand accounts from ten well-known CEOs with ten highly respected companies, who each provide one of ten great reasons for using business aviation. The CEOs have appeared in advertising, on signage at NBAA’s annual Convention (which draws top government leaders and hundreds of news organizations) and in an advocacy booklet that is free upon request to NBAA. Learn more about the Top Ten campaign.

The newsletter has also featured the host of advocacy tools people in the industry can use to help promote the campaign’s message about the value of business aviation: the studies and surveys, the social media venues (including a dedicated Twitter feed, Facebook page and YouTube channel), the online “E-Valuation” Toolkit for helping businesses of all sizes calculate and explain the value an aircraft brings to a company’s overall business objectives, and more.

The weekly publication also spotlights feature stories and editorials that underscore the message of the No Plane No Gain program to local, regional and national audiences. For example, items highlighting the valuable economic contributions business aviation provides in Colorado and Wyoming have been prominently featured in recent issues of the newsletter.

“When we launched No Plane No Gain in 2009, we pledged to the industry that not only would this be a multi-pronged effort to engage local, state and national officials and media, but that we would also remain focused on updating the industry about these efforts on a routine basis,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “This weekly newsletter has continually been an important resource for ensuring that people are aware of, and engaged in, the campaign’s activities.”

“It is vital that we share these and other developments in the No Plane No Gain campaign across multiple outlets and venues,” added GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce, “and this newsletter helps us do that.”