April 4, 2022

NBAA’s President and CEO Ed Bolen recently visited with regional groups in Daytona Beach, FL; Chicago, IL and Denver, CO, to share insights on the current state of the industry with business aviation professionals, as well as speak with college students considering careers in the industry.

“Business aviation survived the challenges of early COVID-19 and is now seeing new opportunities during the global recovery,” said Bolen. “From new charter clients and first-time aircraft buyers to new booking and ownership trends, the industry has gained a whole new generation of users who recognize the incredible value of business aircraft.”

Bolen updated attendees at Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA), Central Florida Business Aviation Association (CFBAA) and Chicago Area Business Aviation Association (CABAA) events about sustainability efforts, workforce challenges and the new technologies and business models being offered by the coming electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) and advanced air mobility (AAM) industries.

A number of eVTOL and AAM organizations have gone public or partnered with major airframers and airlines, demonstrating the growth and acceptance of this new segment as part of the aviation industry and an important future contributor to the economy.

Sustainability continues to be a major focus for the industry, Bolen explained, with sustainable aviation fuel, innovative technologies, and policies and procedures aimed at ensuring the sustainable growth of business aviation long into the future.

Bolen shared workforce challenges with the groups, but also took an opportunity to encourage students at CFBAA’s Business Aviation Day to consider careers in the industry, highlighting the needs for pilots, maintenance technicians and other aviation professionals. Students from all over Florida attended, including some from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

“The business aviation industry is made up of forward-thinking, innovative professionals who will undoubtedly meet the sustainability, workforce, and health and safety challenges of the day,” said Bolen.

“These regional events are important opportunities for NBAA to reach a larger audience outside the Beltway and truly understand the needs of our membership while sharing the regulatory and legislative state of the industry,” said Steve Hadley, senior director of NBAA’s Regional Program and Southwestern Central regional representative.