July 4, 2014

Colorado aviation enthusiasts should soon be able to show their support for the industry every time they get in their vehicle, thanks to a collaborative campaign by a number of Colorado aviation associations.

The Support Colorado Aviation Project, spearheaded by Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA) board member Chris Swathwood, is seeking to raise awareness about the importance of aviation to the state by having a special group license plate issued and available for purchase. The bright and attractive license plate graphic depicts a variety of aircraft, from business airplanes and helicopters to hot air balloons and commercial airliners. According to Swathwood, the runway above the “Support Aviation” banner symbolizes all the airport workers and many other non-flying jobs that aviation supports in Colorado.

“We wanted to do something to really raise awareness about the positive economic impact of aviation to Colorado, and I thought, what better way than through a license plate?” Swathwood explained.

CABA has teamed up with the Colorado General Aviation Alliance (CGAA), the Colorado Pilots Association, the Colorado Agricultural Aviation Association (CAAA) and others to get the 3,000 signatures required before the project can be presented to a state legislator, who will then have to introduce legislation and help garner enough support to get it approved. Swathwood is confident that the process will be completed next year, with the license plates available for purchase by January 2016.

The cost of the license plate will be $50, the standard fee for a special group plate in Colorado. Individuals wishing to purchase the plate will need to print a certificate – after reading some key facts regarding the positive economic impact of aviation on the state – from the Support Colorado Aviation Project website to take to the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Mike Straka, president of the CGAA, is helping Swathwood publicize the project and generate support for it throughout the Colorado aviation community. “We fully support this effort and are confident that it will generate interest and raise awareness about the importance of aviation to our state,” said Straka.

“NBAA welcomes this initiative, and we congratulate the members of the Colorado Aviation Business Association and the many other Colorado groups that are championing it,” said NBAA Director, Regional Programs Steve Hadley. “Grassroots efforts like these help raise awareness about how all of aviation, including business aviation, helps citizens, companies and communities.”

Learn more about the Support Colorado Aviation Project and sign the petition.