March 4, 2016

“We are a group of individuals united by flight.”

That is the motto of the Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association (PNBAA), and the words ring especially true as it merges with two other Pacific Northwest industry groups, giving the region’s business aviation community a united voice on matters that range from legislation and safety, to operating efficiency and public outreach.

The Pacific Northwest Corporate Flight Attendants Association (PNCFAA) and the Pacific Rim Schedulers and Dispatchers Association (PRDSA) have joined the PNBAA effective immediately, according to the organization’s president Lance Robertson.

“Bringing everyone together into one group adds so much value for our members,” said Robertson. “It gets us all pulling in one direction. No longer will each organization have to jostle for members, sponsors and event dates. We’ll be able to better represent all areas of business aviation throughout our region.”

PNBAA will grow to approximately 250 members as a result of the merger, Robertson noted. The organization’s board of directors will increase in size as well, from 12 to 14 voting members, giving former members of both PRDSA and PNCFAA full representation. The 15th position on the board is held by NBAA Northwest Regional Representative Kristi Ivey.

“The newly integrated groups will not lose their identity in this merger,” said Ivey. “Members of each group gain enhanced support through the PNBAA umbrella of leadership.”

Ivey said the voice of business aviation in the Pacific Northwest will grow much stronger as a result of the merger.

“PNBAA has been more active each year in its role as an advocate,” she said. “Now, PNBAA has a broader voice that includes dispatchers, flight attendants, and line service folks in addition to maintainers, flight department managers and pilots. It’s these jobs in our region that elected officials need to be aware of when making decisions that affect our industry.”

Robertson pointed to the annual PNBAA Safety Day as an example where members from each discipline will work closely together for the common good.

“Safety events industry-wide have often focused on flight crews. I would really like to see our event rounded out so when a flight attendant, scheduler, dispatcher or maintainer attends, they get something out of it as well,” he said.

The organization’s eighth annual safety day is slated for April 7.

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