Sept. 23, 2014

In September, the governors of Alaska, Maryland, Michigan and New Mexico re-affirmed the value of general aviation (GA), including business aviation, to their states.

Gov. Sean Parnell of Alaska asked all Alaskans to celebrate GA as a “unique resource in our state and to recognize the achievements of those who make aviation possible in the Last Frontier.” Alaska is dependent on general aviation, often as a primary mode of transportation, and the state has more GA planes per capita than any other in the U.S. Review the Alaska proclamation. (PDF)

In Maryland, Gov. Martin O‘Malley‘s proclamation cited the “critical role” that GA and community airports play in the lives of Maryland citizens, businesses and farms. He also noted that GA has an annual benefit to Maryland of some $550.7 million annually, according to the 2013 Maryland Economic Impact of Airports Study. Review the Maryland proclamation. (PDF)

Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, said that aviation-related activities contribute more than $20 billion each year to the state‘s economy. As examples of the state‘s commitment to aviation, he mentioned the annual Michigan Air Tour, which took place Sept. 19 to 21, the Michigan Association of Airport Executives 62nd annual fall conference and the Michigan Aeronautics Commission in his proclamation. Review the Michigan proclamation. (PDF)

In New Mexico, Gov. Susan Martinez said that New Mexico businesses and communities depend on GA for mobility, access to medical treatment, economic opportunity and access to natural resources and recreational opportunities. General aviation, she wrote, contributes “millions of dollars of revenue to the economy.” Review the New Mexico proclamation. (PDF)

All 50 states have officially recognized the value of GA, including business aviation, through proclamations that echo themes continually promoted by the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign. Launched in 2009 jointly by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, No Plane No Gain educates policymakers and opinion leaders on the importance of business aviation to communities, citizens and companies across the U.S.