Jan. 29, 2016

In December and January, mayors of five cities in three states added their voices to those of hundreds of others across the nation praising general aviation (GA). All issued proclamations designating these months as a time to honor the value of the industry to their local economy.

Cities issuing proclamations were:

Tallahassee, FL – Noting that Florida ranks second in the number of aviation and aerospace facilities, Mayor Andrew D. Gillum proclaimed December 2015 as GA Appreciation Month in the state capital. He urged all citizens to pay special attention to general aviation and the Tallahassee Regional Airport, citing the industry’s “dedicated and selfless service to our community and our state.”

Montpelier, VT – Mayor John Hollar wrote in his January GA Appreciation Month proclamation that general aviation and the Edward F. Knapp State Airport have an “immense economic impact on the City of Montpelier” and called the industry a “vital strategic resource.”

Fairmont, WV – Mayor Ronald J. Straight, Sr., also proclaimed January 2016 as GA Appreciation Month in his city. Mayor Straight’s declaration pointed to the more than $616 million general aviation adds to the local economy, as well as its vital role in response to natural disasters, medical emergencies and search and rescue operations.

Martinsburg, WV – “West Virginia (airports) provide access for businesses and tourists to isolated areas, enabling businesses to remain part of the nation’s air transportation system and connected to the global marketplace,” said Mayor George A. Karos. His proclamation designated January 2016 as GA Appreciation Month.

Wheeling, WV – Mayor Andy McKenzie proclaimed January 2016 as GA Appreciation Month. Mayor McKenzie noted that general aviation benefits the state through corporate, private, charter and air taxi travel; shipping and express air freight services; firefighting, public safety and law enforcement; and weather and traffic reporting, recreation and tourism.