October 14, 2011

Review the Ohio proclamation (659 KB, PDF)

In a proclamation issued recently, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor recognized October as General Aviation Appreciation Month for the state.

“General Aviation (GA) and community airports play a critical role in the lives of our citizens, as well as in the operation of our businesses and agriculture,” the proclamation declares. “We commend all GA professionals for providing important assistance to local law enforcement and medical professionals, making Ohio a safer place to live.”

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen noted that the Ohio governor’s proclamation placed emphasis on working airplanes such as those used in business flights, agricultural application, law enforcement and medical evacuation. “Governor Kasich and Lt. Governor Taylor made it a point to mention how critical business aviation is to the lives of Ohioans,” said Bolen. “The themes of the No Plane, No Gain advocacy campaign, sponsored jointly by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, resonate in Ohio.”

Thursday’s joint proclamation is the highest-level Ohio recognition for business flying this year, building on a series of other official announcements celebrating the people and triumphs of GA and business flying. Other decrees recognizing the importance of all of general aviation have included:

  • “Aviation Awareness Month in Ohio,” a legislative resolution sponsored by state Senator Jason Wilson as S.C.R. number 9 in the spring, declaring May 2011 to be Aviation Awareness Month in Ohio. That resolution noted the breadth of Ohioan participation in aviation, including workers in the state who manufacture engines and propellers and perform aviation maintenance.
  • “National Aviation Month,” an occasion celebrated widely in Ohio during November, especially at the more than one dozen aviation museums and historic sites throughout the state. Ohio natives who have distinguished themselves in the aviation field are recognized each year, and they include Eddie Rickenbacker, Neil Armstrong and John Glenn. Also remembered in Ohio is Lonnie Carmon, the first African American to fly in central Ohio, in 1926, after building the aircraft himself.
  • “Aviation Industry Awareness Day,” decreed by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, was declared July 16, 2010 as a day for all Ohioans to reflect on the outsize role GA and business aviation plays in the economic health of the Buckeye State. In his proclamation, Strickland noted that the aviation industry generates $5.5 billion dollars annually in economic impact to citizens of the state, and provides 17,352 general aviation jobs.

Review the full list of state proclamations.