Nov. 21, 2014

Governors of three states – Alabama, Georgia and Texas – recently issued renewed proclamations affirming their continued support for general aviation (GA), including business aviation.

In his proclamation, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley cited the more than 150,000 workers at some 300 companies in the aviation and aerospace industries who receive paychecks totaling $6.16 billion, boosting the state’s economy.

The general aviation industry in Alabama contributes $800 million in first-round impacts to the state’s economy, and is critical to industrial and economic recruitment efforts, and to the retention and expansion of businesses in Alabama,” Bentley wrote. He noted that one in three people employed in the state work for a company or industry that directly utilizes GA aircraft in the conduct of its business.

Review the Alabama proclamation. (PDF)

In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal also took note of GA’s contributions to his state.

“With Georgia’s geography, a great many businesses and communities depend on general aviation aircraft and small aircraft of all types for mobility, access to medical treatment, economic opportunity, disaster relief and a wide range of critical resources,” he said. “Business aviation is an invaluable tool for companies in Georgia to support their operations, thus bringing new business, investment and jobs to Georgia.”

He also wrote, “Business aircraft improve efficiency, save money and open doors of opportunity to rural areas not reached by commercial aviation.”

Review the Georgia proclamation. (PDF)

Georgia was the first state to issue a proclamation recognizing the industry’s importance, when then-Governor Sonny Perdue issued the declaration in Atlanta in 2009. Lisa Piccione, who was at the time NBAA’s senior vice president for government affairs, was on hand for the proclamation signing ceremony, and Governor Perdue was a keynote speaker at NBAA’s Convention the same year. Read more about the first proclamation, from Georgia’s governor, recognizing business aviation.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry proclaimed November 2014 as “Aviation Appreciation Month,” and encouraged all Texans to “learn more about aviation in our state and to recognize the contributions of the hardworking professionals who support all sectors of this vital industry.” In Texas, aviation contributes nearly $60 billion to the state’s economy annually.

With its size and concentration of population in major cities, Texas has about 51,000 certificated pilots and more than 19,400 registered aircraft.

Review the Texas proclamation. (PDF)

All 50 states have officially recognized the value of GA, including business aviation, through proclamations that echo themes continually promoted by the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign. Launched in 2009 jointly by NBAA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, No Plane No Gain educates policymakers and opinion leaders on the importance of business aviation to communities, citizens and companies across the U.S.