April 3, 2013

Mayor John Buckland proclaimed March 2013 as “General Aviation (GA) Appreciation Month” in Yuba City, CA. His proclamation marks at least the third time a California public official has spoken up for the value of GA, including business aviation.

“Many businesses, farms, ranches and individuals in the city of Yuba City depend on general aviation and community airports for the continued flow of commerce, education and visitors to our city,” Buckland wrote in his proclamation. “I encourage all of our citizenry to acknowledge, support and appreciate the value – past, present and future – of general aviation and the Sutter County Airport.”

The mayor also noted that GA is vital for access to economic opportunity, disaster relief and a wide range of critical resources and services.

In California, the GA industry contributes an estimated $18.2 billion annually, and the state’s aviation system supports some 1.7 million jobs.

Although Sacramento International Airport is only about 40 miles south of Yuba City, GA-only Sutter County Airport (O52) is just 1 mile from Yuba City’s central business district. The latest FAA statistics, from 2011-2012, show that nearly one-third of the 8,000 yearly flights at Sutter County Airport originate elsewhere, indicating either tourism or business flights.

“Mayor Buckland joins Mayor Stan Skipworth of Corona and Councilman Jonathan Sharkey of Port Hueneme, CA in officially recognizing the value of general aviation in the state,” said Stacy Howard, NBAA Southwest regional representative. “Both Mayor Skipworth and Councilman Sharkey earlier signed a letter to President Obama, telling him of the importance of business aviation to their communities and asking him to rescind his proposed $100 per flight tax on business aircraft.”

The Yuba City proclamation joins similar statements of GA support from top officials in 48 states.