Updated May 11, 2020

The following regional business aviation groups are located in Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

To learn about upcoming meetings, contact the groups listed below. To have your group information added to this page, or to update existing information, send your request to NBAA’s Gregory Voos at gvoos@nbaa.org.

Alabama Business Aviation Association (ALBAA)

Serves Alabama

Email: alabamabaa@gmail.com
Website: alabamabaa.com

Carolina Aviation Professionals Association

Contact: Julie Layne (President)
Tel: 704-222-4944
Email: julie.layne@davincijets.com
Web: www.flycapa.org

Committee for Dulles

Contact: Val Walters – Executive Director
Email: valwalters@committeefordulles.org

Florida Business Aviation Association (FABA)

Serves Florida

Contact: Richard Richards (President)
Tel: 1-786-530-6299
Email: info@faba.aero
Web: https://faba.aero/

Georgia Business Aviation Association (GBAA)

Serves Georgia

Contact: Dan Lucey (Chairman)s
Tel: (404) 861-7558
Email: dlucey@flightworks.com
Web: www.gbaa.org

Greater Washington Business Aviation Association (GWBAA)

Serves Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia

Contact: Bob Blouin (President)
Contact: Cheryl Goldsby (Executive Director)
23800 Windsock Drive
Dulles, VA 20166
Email: info@gwbaa.com
Web: www.gwbaa.com

Kentucky Business Aviation Association (KBAA)

Serves Kentucky

Contact: Joe Marthaler (President)
Tel: (859) 622-7898
Email: joe.marthaler@eku.edu

Mid-South Business Aviation Association (MSBAA)

Contact: John Stevens – President
Tel: 901-542-3216
Email: John.stevens@sedgwick.com
Web: coming soon

South Florida Business Aviation Association (SFBAA)

Serves South Florida

Contact: Jeff Ramsden, Ramjet Aviation Inc.
Tel: (954) 359-0208
Email: jr@ramjetaviation.com
Web: www.sfbaa.org

Tampa Bay Aviation Association (TBAA)

Serves the Florida west coast and central Florida

Contact: Daniel C. Slapo (Interim President)
Tel: (407) 257-0857
Email: Daniel.Slapo@mytbaa.org
Website: www.myTBAA.org

Tennessee Business Aviation Association (TnBAA)

Serves Tennessee

Contact: Alfredo Fagel – Chairman
Tel: (615) 512-6444
Email: fagelito@yahoo.com
Web: www.tnbaa.org

Virginia Aviation Business Association (VABA)

Serves Virginia

Contact: Daniel Oakey (Bud) (Executive Director)
1011 E Main Street
Suite 400
The Ironfronts Building
Richmond, VA 23219
Tel: 804-525-1144
Email: boakey@thevaba.org
Web: www.thevaba.org

West Virginia Airport Managers Association

Contact: Clint Ransom – President
Email: blfmanager@gmail.com

Kimberly Lewis – Secretary/Treasurer
Email: kim@wvama.org