Updated Sept. 29, 2021

The following regional business aviation groups are located in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

To learn about upcoming meetings, contact the groups listed below. To have your group information added to this page, or to update existing information, send your request to NBAA’s Phil Derner at pderner@nbaa.org.

Arizona Business Aviation Association (AZBAA)

Serves Arizona

Contact: Douglas Young, President
Email: dy@pinnacleaviation.com
P.O. Box 25231
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Tel: 714-501-9339
Web: www.azbaa.com

Las Vegas Schedulers & Dispatchers Association

Serves Nevada

Contact: Dion Glenn
Tel: 702-990-6088
Email: dionglennatfe@cox.net

Contact: Shelley Packer
Tel: 702-597-1180
Email: spacker@sky-river.com

Nevada Business Aviation Association (NVBAA)

Serves Nevada

Contact: Reza Karamooz, President
Phone: 702-508-9888
Email: reza@luckyjets.com
Web: www.nvbaa.com
Twitter: Twitter.com/NVBAA

NorCal Business Aviation Association (NCBAA)

Serves Northern California

Contact: Craig Bowers, President
Phone: 408-674-8708
Email: cbowers@tridentfunding.com
Web: www.norcalbaa.org

Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association (PNBAA)

Serves Greater Northwest US

Contact: John Gale, President
Phone: 503-431-0668
Email: John.Gale@nike.com
Website: pnbaa.org

Southern California Aviation Association (SCAA)

Serves Southern California

Contact: Steve Nielsen, President
Phone: 858-225-9516
Email: snielsen@avalon.com
Website: www.socalaviation.org