Download the NBAA Guidelines for Regional Business Aviation Groups (PDF)

America’s robust network of business aviation regional programs are key players when it comes to industry advocacy, engagement and outreach efforts. These nearly 60 nationwide groups have demonstrated time and again that hedging developing issues, capturing constituent voices and advocating for business aviation interests both begins and grows through passionate community members.

In conjunction with our Regional Director team, NBAA fosters current local organizations and promotes the creation of new groups wherever needed. These volunteer-based groups provide value to business aviation companies by communicating effectively about current issues and hot topics, providing tools and resources for members, and encouraging active participation effecting tangible change.

This guidebook of regional and local group best practices, updated in 2023, examines frequently asked questions such as:

  • What are the most important operational elements to focus on when performing an annual check-up?
  • Why are outreach events so important to building strong relationships with the local community?
  • How can my group better engage existing and prospective members through social media?
  • Where can I find resources to help create or grow a group?
  • What technology can help simplify the administrative work that goes into maintaining a successful regional group?

This publication provides tips for creating new regional business aviation groups and supporting the growth and continued success of existing organizations.

Download the NBAA Guidelines for Regional Business Aviation Groups (PDF)