Business Aviation Insider

Regional Representation

April 22, 2019

Regional groups are key players when it comes to advocating for public policy.

When the battle to defeat ATC privatization heated up last year, NBAA knew that the dozens of regional business aviation groups across the country would be key to the industry’s rapid and effective response to the proposal. These groups sent letters to legislators, met with their elected representatives, and galvanized their members to get involved, all of which played an essential role in the ultimate defeat of the proposal.

“The regional groups are key players when it comes to advocating for public policy,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA’s senior director of regional programs and Southwest regional representative. “With more than 60 groups, this large network serves as the vanguard of our industry’s advocacy, engagement and outreach efforts.”

One of the many ways NBAA supports regional business aviation groups is through its Guidelines for Business Aviation Groups, an essential publication for existing groups, as well as for those who are forming new groups.

“NBAA’s Local and Regional Group Committee, the Annual Regional Roundtable meeting, and other local organization focused events have produced a wealth of ideas and best practices for groups of all kinds,” said Brittany Davies, NBAA’s Northeastern regional representative. “In particular, the updated guide contains more comprehensive and tech-savvy information on marketing, and how to use current technologies to benefit both internal group communications, such as between board members, as well as external, such as to members.”

The brochure also includes expanded checklists on membership and meetings and events, with information on how to upload regional group events onto the NBAA web site.

In addition, the brochure features an annual “check-up” list for current groups to ensure that they are doing all they can to recruit and retain members, stay up-to-date with technology and social media, bench-mark against other groups, and keep their financials in good shape.

Information on NBAA Air Mail, the association’s members-only social network for collaboration and discussion, is also included in the brochure.

“This can be a valuable resource for regional group leaders looking to trade ideas with or ask for advice from peers across the country,” said Paige Kroner, NBAA’s Mid-Atlantic regional representative.

“All business aviation groups will find something of interest in the updated brochure,” said Hadley. “NBAA is excited to be able to offer this useful publication for the dozens of business aviation advocacy groups that do such much for the business aviation industry.”