May 19, 2014

Once the new Runway10R/28L opens at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) in September 2014, there will be a voluntary noise abatement plan implemented for nighttime operations.

This voluntary user program will facilitate Broward County’s compliance with the airport noise abatement program and the inter-local agreement between Broward County and the city of Dania Beach, FL.

From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., all aircraft are strongly encouraged to refrain from use of Runway 10R/28L unless:

  • When necessitated by considerations of weather, air traffic safety or efficiency, as determined by pilots or air traffic control.
  • During construction or maintenance work on the airfield or Runway 10L/28R, or closure of Runway 10L/28R for any other reason.
  • During the existence of an emergency or safety condition, as declared by the pilot, the air traffic control tower or the airport aviation director

These procedures are not intended to preempt the responsibilities of the pilot-in-command for safe aircraft operation or to conflict with FAA instructions, regulations or procedures.

Voluntary compliance with these procedures is requested until a new Part 150 noise study is completed by county officials, and the FAA has made a determination based on the study. It is stipulated that the new Part 150 study will begin 18 months after the opening of Runway 10R/28L.

View additional information about the program. (PDF)