May 15, 2019

A complete rehabilitation for Runway 10L/28R at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) is set to begin Monday, June 3. The project is scheduled to last four months with the runway returning to service in October.

The closure will be managed in phases, which will change the taxiways that will be used to access the north side FBOs and other facilities. Flight operators should check NOTAMs for the specific taxiway closures as they will change as the project moves forward.

Likely Traffic Management Initiatives During the Rehabilitation Project

The arrival and departure rates will be reduced at FLL during the 10L/28R Runway closure due to a single runway operation. With a single runway in use, they will favor arrivals during the arrival banks and departures during the departure banks. Both arrival and departure delays are possible.
Likely initiatives include:

  • Ground delay program for arrivals
  • Mile-in-trail restrictions
  • Internal and adjacent center metering for arrivals
  • Departure delays are possible during peak times of traffic due to a single runway operation

The local FAA facilities (FLL Tower, Miami TRACON, Miami Center) and the ATC System Command Center will have a daily morning telcon to address the FLL operation. A ground delay program will be needed when volume exceeds capacity. The arrival rate for the program will be determined by configuration (east or west flow) and weather conditions (VFR or IFR).

The favorable configuration will be an east flow (arriving/departing Runway 10R). This configuration will allow an arrival rate of 28 in VFR conditions (24 in IFR conditions). A west flow (arriving/departing 28L) will result in an arrival rate of 26 in VFR and 22 in IFR.

View an FAA summary of the project.