April 2, 2022

Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) in Wyoming will be closed to flight operations from the evening of April 10 to June 28 for a complete reconstruction of the airport’s runway.

The 78-day closure is part of a three-phase project to replace the runway, which was last reconstructed in the 1970s. The first phase of preliminary work was completed in October 2021 and now the main construction, which will include a new subbase and paving, will be completed during JAC’s closure. Taxiways A4 and A1 also will be reconstructed during the closure, as well as a portion of Taxiway A2.

A third phase for runway grooving and striping is scheduled to begin in July and finish by the end of August. This will be completed at night and will not disrupt flight operations. Find out more about JAC’s runway project on the JAC website.

“When completed, this project will enhance operations at the airport,” said Dean Snell, NBAA’s manager, air traffic services. “During construction, operators should expect possible delays and additional requirements at alternate airports as those airfields work to accommodate increased flight operations.”

Prior Permission Required (PPR) requests or reservations will be needed at nearby Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport (DIJ) in Idaho, and these can be obtained through the airport’s FBO, Teton Aviation Center.

“Teton Aviation Center is preparing for an unprecedented amount of general aviation traffic into DIJ during this time,” said Teton Aviation Center’s General Manager Peter Kline. “Our goal is to provide the same excellent service throughout this period that operators have come to expect when flying into Driggs. We will be extending hours, increasing staff, and leasing and buying new equipment to meet the demand. We could potentially see more traffic during this period than we normally see during an entire summer.

“Due to our limited ramp space, we expect to be fully booked during JAC’s closure,” Kline added. “If you plan on flying into DIJ between April 11 and June 27, we recommend you contact our customer service representatives to make a reservation. The earlier you contact us, the more likely we will be able to accommodate you and your aircraft.”

Find out more at Teton Aviation Center’s dedicated JAC closure resource.

Operators also can consider Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA) as an alternative to JAC during that field’s runway reconstruction. The only alternative airport within 60 miles with a tower, IDA currently requires no PPR or reservation, but the airport may reevaluate this situation based on traffic flows.

NBAA recommends that operators considering IDA as an alternate to JAC contact the airport’s FBO, Aero Mark, prior to departure to ensure the FBO is aware of your incoming flight.

Operators also can consider Rexburg-Madison County Airport (RXE) in Idaho and Wyoming’s Afton Municipal Airport (AFO) as alternatives to JAC.