Feb. 4, 2021

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is set to close Runway 25L/7R from Feb. 26 – May 5 due to a continuing runway/taxiway rehabilitation project. The construction will take place in the several phases as outlined below.

Phase Eight: Runway 25L/7R Closure

Feb. 26 – May 5

This closure is to perform a reconstruction of the runway keel section and replace existing runway surface.

During the closure, Runway 25R/7L will be a joint-use runway (departures and arrivals) on the south complex.

National ground delay programs with expected departure clearance times are possible during poor weather conditions or when forced to an east operation. When weather conditions are favorable, and on the preferred west flow, flight operators can expect metering into LAX from the 1st Tier and internal terminals during peak arrival times.

Although 25L will be available for general aviation arrivals in some situations, flight operators can expect more usage of 24R for arrivals during the closure.

Departure delays are possible during peak times due to the reduced departure rates.

Longer taxi times are possible due to the reduced capacity of the south runway complex. FBOs are located on the south side of the airport.

Taxiways Q, L and F will be used to transition across 25L/7R during the construction period to allow ingress/egress into/out of the FBOs.

Phases of Runway Construction/Rehabilitation

Updated January 2021

Phase 1 Runway 25L/7R Closure Completed March 2015
Phase 2 Runway 24R/6L Closure Completed October 2015
Phase 3 Runway 24L/6R Shortened Completed October 2016
Phase 4 Runway 25R/7L Shortened Completed August 2017
Phase 5 Runway 25R/7L Phase One Closure Completed June 2017
Phase 6 Runway 24R/6L Closure Completed November 2017
Phase 7 Runway 25R/7L Phase Two Closure Completed Summer 2018
Phase 7 Runway 25L/7R Closure Scheduled from Feb. 26 through May 5, 2021.

Learn more about the LAX runway construction project. (PDF)