Nov. 26, 2014

North Dakota is experiencing substantial economic growth, and the state’s Aeronautics Commission (NDAC) says that this growth has led to the need to invest in and expand airports at an unprecedented rate.

The NDAC is updating its North Dakota State Aviation System Plan, which will document aviation needs, guide funding decisions and identify the future of the aviation system. As part of the overall planning process, the NDAC is conducting several surveys on general aviation in the state – and it wants the input of NBAA Members.

”For the commission to continue to respond effectively to airport development needs, documentation on contributions that general aviation is making at all airports throughout the state is needed,“ noted the NDAC, which is conducting two online surveys with the assistance of students at the University of North Dakota’s ’s School of Aerospace Sciences. One survey is focused on businesses that rely on general aviation to improve their efficiency, while the other is more oriented to general aviation passengers.

”We encourage our Members to take either or both of these quick-and-easy surveys in order to assist the state of North Dakota in its airport and aviation system planning,“ said Kristi Ivey, NBAA regional representative for the Northwest. ”The more detailed and accurate the information they receive about general aviation operations in the state, the better able NDAC officials will be to secure funding for general aviation projects.“

Ivey noted that NDAC is an NBAA Member, and the Association has an excellent partnership with the commission. ”We are very supportive of NDAC’s efforts to gather information about general aviation operations in North Dakota, and hope that our Members will take advantage of the opportunity to give their input to the NDAC,“ Said Ivey. The surveys are open and available for the next several months.

View the business-oriented survey.

View the general aviation passenger-oriented survey.