July 8, 2020

As its contributions to the Inland Empire region of Southern California continue to grow, San Bernardino  International Airport has launched its SBD Good Neighbor Program – part of a comprehensive outreach effort about SBD’s growing business, cargo and general aviation operations.

“Technology is good, but connecting with people is best, and we intend to do that with phone calls and face-to-face meetings with individuals and groups,’ said airport spokesperson Rosemary Barnes.

The airport is changing, and it wants to remain engaged with and connected to the community, she said. Beyond increasing business and general aviation traffic, FedEx and UPS will be joined by Amazon Air, which is building a green energy regional air cargo hub at the airport.

This growth is restoring employment opportunities lost when Norton Air Force Base closed in 1994.

SBD Good Neighbor Program

“It is important to balance this restored prosperity with meaningful dialogue and outreach initiatives that resonate with community members,” Barnes said. Noise can be a concern with SBD’s one Runway 6/24. The Noise Comment Form and hotline number are on the Good Neighbor Program website, along with noise statistics, monthly and year-to-date totals.

“The SBD Good Neighbor Program allows us to educate neighbors about aircraft operations,” said Director of Aviation Mark Gibbs. The FAQs explain that Runway 24 arrivals can occur when onshore winds exceed aircraft performance limits – mostly during warm summer afternoons. These arrivals are limited to quiet Stage III aircraft, and the FAA is completing a noise-mitigating RNAV approach for this runway.

“More importantly, the program promotes dialogue with those who live and work nearby,” he said. “Our goal is to treat our local residents and business owners with the respect and consideration they would find in a good neighbor.”

“NBAA’s noise abatement program has long promoted that quiet flying is good business,” said Alex Gertsen, NBAA’s director of airports and ground infrastructure. “As SBD grows and transforms, partnerships and communications are essential to ensuring that the airport continues to be a good neighbor to those who live and work nearby. The new outreach program will enhance awareness of SBD’s benefits and contributions and promote two-way communications that ensure aviation continues to fly neighborly.”