Located in Martin County, FL, approximately one mile southeast of Stuart, Witham Field serves the general aviation needs of the local community. With its three runways, the airport can accommodate most general aviation aircraft, including smaller business jets. The airport’s terminals are ideal for serving local users as well as those visiting the area. All of the airport’s tenants and flight activities are important to the airport’s revenue streams and to the airport’s economic impacts. Review the Economic Impact of Witham Field (PDF, 1.4 MB).

Latest Developments

Florida’s Witham Field to Remain Open During Runway Upgrade

May 13, 2011

Martin County Airport/Witham Field (SUA) in Stuart, FL is in the process of installing an engineered materials arresting system (EMAS) for its main runway, Runway 12/30. An EMAS relies on crushable concrete at the end of a runway to prevent overruns and enhance safety. While Runway 12/30 will be closed for the construction through October, Runway 16/34 and Runway 7/25 will both remain open. For more information, contact NBAA’s Harry Houckes at

Witham Field: Rising Above the Noise

August 2010

Despite the great location, economic benefits and reasonable number of operations at Florida’s Witham Field, it should come as no surprise that aircraft noise has traditionally been a divisive issue that has pitted airport operators and users against local residents. Yet in the face of such challenges, this airport and its tenants have worked with community officials and residents proactively to address aircraft noise concerns – and ultimately to select NBAA’s Close-In Departure Procedure as the optimum noise abatement departure profile.