Teterboro from the air

Feb. 28, 2017

New York TRACON has reported several instances of pilot deviations for aircraft on New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (TEB) ILS Runway 6 approach.

The approach has a required altitude of 1,500 feet at DANDY. Air traffic control typically will call 5 miles from DANDY, cross at 1,500 feet, cleared for the ILS 6 approach.

It is believed the deviations are occurring due to flight crews arming the approach mode on the autopilot too early and flying the glide slope prior to DANDY. The glideslope at DANDY will have the aircraft at approximately 1,700 feet, which creates a loss of separation with Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) traffic.

It is common during flight training procedures to be instructed to “push the APP button” once cleared for the ILS approach. This will put the aircraft well above the required altitude on the approach. Pilots should be observant of the altitude restrictions on the approach and plan accordingly.

The FAA said that flight operators need to comply with the altitude restriction to avoid a pilot deviation and subsequent loss of separation with other aircraft.

View an FAA Safety Team Notice.