July 18, 2022

Through a recent video plea, local community leaders are making clear the need for business aircraft operators to utilize as available a 2021 RNAV approach at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (TEB), which is designed to minimize the noise impact on surrounding areas.

Noise abatement is a perennial issue for communities around Teterboro, which is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country, and the industry and FAA continually work with local leaders to mitigate the noise footprint of flights in and out of the airport.

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One of the most recent results of this collaborative effort was the introduction in July 2021 of RNAV (GPS) X Runway 19 as an alternative to the legacy ILS approach to Runway 19. This alternative approach is encouraged during night operations, but can also be used during daylight operations if weather conditions are appropriate and the procedure is approved by air traffic control.

According to local community leaders, though, the vast majority of arriving aircraft are still using the ILS approach to Runway 19.

In a video released by the city of Hackensack, NJ – featuring Deputy Mayor Kathy Canestrino and Woodcliff Lake Councilwomen Jacqueline M. Gadaleta – the local officials said of the more than 9,000 approaches to Runway 19 completed in the first quarter of 2022, only 79 aircraft utilized the RNAV X approach. The video includes footage of airplane noise caused by landings near the area’s busiest pedestrian street, Prospect Avenue, and Helouis Grammar School, which has no air conditioning, and therefore can’t close its windows to mitigate noise.

“We are speaking to you today in hopes of gaining your support to minimize the noise pollution and safety issues that many northern Bergen County residents are forced to live with each day due to the high volume of jet traffic at Teterboro Airport using Runway 19,” Canestrino.

“We are asking that all owners and operators of these business jets please ask the pilots to request this new alternate flight path over Route 17 [RNAV X] when weather permits to provide some relief to our residents,” she added. “We would welcome feedback on its use, and we look forward to resolving any issues together.”

“Make no mistake: These officials are telling us to sit forward and pay attention to this alternate approach to landings at Teterboro Airport,” said Heidi Williams, NBAA senior director, air traffic services and infrastructure. “The business aviation community has worked diligently with local leaders on tools for quiet flight at Teterboro Airport, and this is a key tool in the toolbox.”

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