March 11, 2016

The Teterboro Airport (TEB) Charted Quiet Visual Runway 19 will be published on March 31, and will be published on March 31 and begin a 180- day test period starting on April 4.

The procedure was designed to mitigate noise issues with the current approach path flying directly over the Hackensack Medical Center. The new approach path will move aircraft slightly to the west of the hospital. A noise review and environmental study will be done after the 180-test period to determine if the procedure will become permanent.

Minimum weather conditions for the procedure to be used will be ceilings of at least 3500 feet and visibility at least 5 miles. Flight operators can expect ATC clearance for this procedure when weather conditions are met and Runway 19 is being used for arrivals. Operators are encouraged to solicit use of the procedure.

View the FAA presentation. (PDF)